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Aim of this policy

The aim of this policy is to enable the practice to embrace our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and manage it with the same level of professionalism as other parts of the business. In doing so we hope to fulfil our responsibilities, engage our team, and improve our reputation.

Achieving the Goal

In aiming to achieve our goal we address the following 4 areas:

People & Ethics

Leadership & Internal Communication

  • We have a written structure in place for positive, clear, and regular communication
  • We share our business goals with all staff in team meetings
  • Regular staff meetings are held and minuted
  • There is a written and spoken commitment to honesty and respect in communication, and this is monitored
  • There is a written Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy in place
  • There is a written Children and Adults at Risk Safeguarding Policy in place
  • We have a system in place for internal communications using our WhatsApp group and team noticeboard
  • We have created a Vision, Values and Purpose statement for the business which is clearly articulated, understood, and regularly repeated
  • Each person has a written job description for their role
  • There is a formal system in place for giving and receiving feedback

Patients & Suppliers

  • We have a price list on display at reception and available on our website
  • We obtain valid consent for all treatment
  • We review of Audit of Disability Access on an annual basis and reasonable adjustments are made
  • We have a system for gathering patient feedback which includes an annual patient survey and a comments box in reception
  • Information leaflets are readily available in reception to help patients make informed decisions about treatment options
  • We pay all suppliers are paid within their terms
  • We use the Patient Satisfaction Poster to inform patients of changes made to the practice following their feedback

Team Development, Remuneration, Wellbeing

  • We have identified the leadership skills required in the business and a development plan is in place
  • We ensure that all new team members follow an induction programme
  • We ensure that each team member has a written Personal Development Plan, which is reviewed and updated annually
  • We carry out regular staff 1:1s
  • Each team member receives the living wage as minimum
  • Written criteria for financial and other rewards are communicated with all staff
  • All team members are offered access to occupational health
  • Contracts of employment or agreements are in place for all team members, kept up to date, and adhered to
  • We retain key statutory documents (e.g., Proof of identification) in staff personnel files and keep them up to date using the Staff File Checklist
  • We have a Staff Handbook in place containing policies and procedures in line with current employment law and ACAS guidance
  • We make sure that team members understand how they are going to be developed and what the development track is for their role
  • We carry out an annual salary review for all employed team members and increases are given where possible
  • We offer non-financial benefits to the team
  • A Flexible Working Application Policy is in place and flexible working patterns are encouraged

Environment & Sustainability

  • We make sure that all lights, computers, and electronic devices are switched off when the practice is closed (apart from critical security lighting)
  • No plastic bottled water is supplied at the practice and all single use items are bio-plastic or compostable (unless plastic is clinically required)
  • Recyclable or washable cups are used throughout the building. We do not use disposable cutlery or plates
  • We offer recycling of non-clinical waste on site (including paper, plastics, card, cans)
  • Waste is separated in surgery so that clinical waste is minimised, and a licenced waste carrier is used with relevant Waste Transfer Notes supplied
  • We only print when necessary and double-sided printing is always used (unless it is critical to use single sheets)
  • We only use Fair Trade or Fairly Traded tea, coffee, and sugar
  • The practice has electricity supplied by a green energy company and we have targets to reduce energy usage annually, and install low energy bulbs throughout
  • We use medically grade natural cleaning agents rather than chemicals to clean in clinical and non-clinical areas.
  • We have appointed and trained an on-site “green champion” to encourage best practice and share ideas with the team
  • We are committing to reducing landfill waste and aim to achieve this goal by implementing waste minimisation programmes, composting, monitoring clinical/recycling and general waste quantities and auditing our waste production annually

Charity & Community

  • The practice is involved in giving Oral Health education talks
  • We consult our team, on what causes to support, each year at the practice meeting on Managing the Practice
  • We encourage team members to carry out their own fundraising
  • The causes we support have been carefully selected to fall in line with our business goals, either through what they do or by benefiting the local community
  • The causes being supported have been consulted and informed. They know how long they will be supported and the fundraising goal
  • The charitable giving and supported causes are communicated to patients either in practice, in newsletters, on web & social media
  • We have a detailed annual CSR plan in place with clear goals, objectives, and team roles
  • We have appointed a CSR Champion and committee that helps recommend what causes to support and is responsible for delivering the plan

Communication, Advocacy & Management

  • We have created a CSR page on our website, which covers our values, commitments and what we currently do to meet our goals
  • 5-10% of our external communications to patients includes information regarding what we are doing to achieve our CSR goals
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