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Simple treatment for a sparkling smile

Professional teeth whitening can transform your smile in a fast, safe and highly effective way. Whiter, brighter teeth can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel, creating a healthy and more youthful appearance to boost your confidence and give you the smile you deserve.

Why choose teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dental treatment; a convenient and pain free way to remove stains and discolouration and help you achieve a dazzling smile. The custom made whitening trays and carefully formulated gel are designed with your comfort in mind, enabling you to whiten your teeth at home without issue.

At Clover Dental, we use both the Enlighten and Dental Beauty whitening systems. Enlighten is widely seen as the gold standard of whitening treatment, guaranteed to achieve the whitest shade available, vita B1, regardless of the level of staining present or the starting shade of your teeth. The system doesn’t need you to make any changes to your diet or lifestyle to see incredible results.


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step 1

Firstly, we examine your teeth and gums, making sure you are suitable for whitening treatment. We create your bespoke treatment plan, including which whitening system is best for your case, and give you the chance to ask us any questions.


step 2

We take digital scans and impressions of your teeth in order to create your custom whitening trays, and make sure to take a picture of your smile so we can compare the starting colour of your teeth to the results we achieve at the end of treatment.


step 3

Once your whitening trays are ready, we show you how to add the whitening gel and insert the trays into your mouth effectively. The bulk of your whitening treatment happens in the comfort of your own home over 2-3 weeks, but we keep a close eye and encourage you to get in touch with any questions if needed.


step 4

At the end of your home treatment, we see you in the practice to check on your results. If you are having Enlighten whitening, you have an in-surgery appointment to ensure the best outcome. We check you are happy with your new whiter smile and leave you to enjoy it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is teeth whitening safe?

    Yes, when performed by a qualified dental health professional, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. You should avoid the use of home kits which can be bought easily online and never have your teeth whitened in beauty salons or hairdressing salons. These treatments are unregulated and could result in long term damage to your teeth and gums.

  • How white will my teeth get?

    With whitening treatment, you can choose how white your smile will become. Enlighten whitening guarantees the whitest shade available, but you have the flexibility to choose which shade you prefer.

  • Is teeth whitening painful?

    Teeth whitening treatment itself is completely pain free, especially in modern dentistry, with accurate digital scans ensuring incredibly comfortable whitening trays. You may experience some sensitivity in your teeth during treatment, but this is temporary and will fade when you stop wearing the trays and gel. Also, the likelihood of sensitivity is far reduced with the Enlighten system.

  • Will teeth whitening treatment damage my teeth?

    No, teeth whitening treatment will not damage your tooth structure or enamel at all. We only use professional, regulated systems and prioritise your oral health so no damage is caused by your whitening treatment.

  • Can my veneers/crowns/bridges/composite bonding be whitened?

    Teeth whitening treatment is not effective on dental restorations including crowns, veneers, bridges and bonding. You may wish to have these replaced following treatment, at an additional cost, so they can continue to match the shade of your natural teeth. We may advise that you whiten your teeth before having veneers, a bridge or partial denture placed, so the restoration can be made to match.

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