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Replace missing teeth with a secure, natural looking bridge

If a missing tooth is spoiling your smile, we can fill the gap and restore your confidence with an effective and aesthetic dental bridge. Your bridge is carefully matched to the shade of your natural teeth to ensure a flawless and beautiful result.

How do bridges work?

Bridges use the natural teeth on either side of the gap to provide vital support for the replacement tooth suspended between them. Crowns are fitted over these neighbouring abutment teeth to ensure a secure and stable restoration, blending perfectly into your smile. Bridges can also be used in combination with implants to successfully replace multiple missing teeth.

However you have lost a tooth, it is important to replace it, and not just to regain your confident smile. A missing tooth can cause alignment issues in your remaining teeth, as the increased space allows them to move out of position and could leave you needing further treatment in the future. A bridge stops this movement and also protects your gum.


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Initially, we examine your teeth and ensure that the neighbouring teeth that will support the implants are healthy and strong. We prepare these teeth for crowns by removing a layer of enamel.



We take impressions of your teeth so your bridge can be custom made using our state-of-the-art CEREC technology. This enables us to ensure your restoration is highly accurate and comfortable.



Your finished bridge is checked and adjusted if necessary before being fixed into place using dental adhesive for a long lasting result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are bridges permanent?

    Bridges are permanently fixed in place and can’t be removed, making them an effective and reliable way to replace a missing tooth. You can expect your bridge to last for over ten years if looked after correctly, including keeping the surrounding natural teeth healthy and strong.

  • How do I look after my bridge?

    The best way to look after your bridge is to treat it as you do your natural teeth, and include it in your brushing and flossing routine at home. It is also important to attend regular check up appointments with your dentist so they can keep an eye on your bridge and spot any issues before they get a chance to worsen.

  • What are bridges made of?

    Bridges are usually made from porcelain or ceramic material. This can be very successfully matched to the colour of your natural teeth for a highly aesthetic result. Sometimes, porcelain bridges are fixed to a metal base for increased strength and durability without compromising on the appearance.

  • Are there any alternatives to bridges?

    If you have a gap in your smile, you could also consider a partial denture or implant to replace the missing tooth. A partial denture is not as secure as a bridge as it is removable, but this can carry different benefits. A dental implant is considered superior in look, feel and function, and can also be used alongside bridges for replacing multiple teeth. We are happy to discuss all your treatment options and find the best one for you.

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