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An aesthetic, reliable and effective way to restore damaged teeth

Composite bonding is a simple and quick treatment designed to rebuild and reshape your teeth, improving the overall appearance. The composite material is able to mimic natural tooth enamel, and can be colour matched to your existing teeth for a seamless finish, or be used to change the shade of your smile.

Why choose composite bonding?

If you have a chipped, cracked or misshapen tooth, or would like to change the appearance of one or more of your teeth, composite bonding is the perfect pain-free and fast treatment.

The composite material is bonded directly onto your tooth in layers, meaning there is no need to remove any natural structure, take impressions or wait for a restoration to be created in a laboratory. Our skilled dentists carefully build up the desired shape in a single appointment, making it appear as if there was never any damage at all.

How does composite bonding work?

We start by preparing your tooth for the bonding treatment. We carefully clean and dry it before applying an acidic gel to the surface to help the composite bond effectively.

The composite material is applied in layers, gradually building up the desired shape. We match the colour to your existing natural teeth, or your preferred shade, for an aesthetic finish.

We use a blue UV light to harden the composite, which sets immediately. Your tooth is then polished to leave it beautifully smooth, shiny and natural looking.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I look after my tooth following composite bonding treatment?

    Simply treat your treated tooth exactly the same as your natural teeth, and include it in your brushing and flossing routine at home. Composite is not affected by bacteria or decay, but the tooth underneath it is, so it is important to keep it healthy and strong. We can keep an eye on your tooth at your regular dental check ups.

  • Is composite bonding treatment painful?

    Composite bonding treatment is completely pain free. There is no need for any drilling into your tooth or local anaesthetic as the composite material is applied to the tooth surface.

  • Can the composite bonding process be reversed?

    Yes, composite bonding can be reversed as none of your natural tooth is removed to make way for it. If you change your mind or decide you no longer want the composite, we can quickly and safely remove it, leaving your teeth as they were before.

  • When can I eat following composite bonding treatment?

    You can eat immediately following composite bonding. As it is hardened and set during your appointment, your tooth has full function straight away, and you don’t need to wait before resuming your normal activities.

  • Can composite bonding be repaired?

    Yes, composite bonding can be easily repaired if it becomes chipped or damaged. Composite is not likely to last forever, so in some cases we may decide to remove it completely and replace rather than repair it. This is a quick and safe process, needing only one appointment in our practice.

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